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Below are links to information and forms for members of  Friendship Force Long Island.

Email an officer with your questions by using :

Friendship Force of Long Island Brochure

New Members Orientation Booklet

Ambassador and Host Coordinator Handbook – See what is involved in serving as an Ambassador Coordinator for an Outgoing Journey or Host Coordinator for an Incoming Journey (a/k/a an “ED” for an “Exchange”).

Friendship Force International Website

FFLI Bylaws

Motions approved by the FFLI Executive Board:

Expenses for NYC day captains will be paid for by the inbound club.

Inbound Exchange Director Expenses up to $175 will covered by the inbound club.   If there is a co-ED, the $175 will be split.  If there is an assistant ED, that person’s expenses will not be covered.

Home hosts are entitled to one free welcome or farewell dinner per Exchange.  Limit: one free meal per household.

Friendship Force International – Member Resources

Ambassador and Host Application Forms:
Complete the Ambassador Application Form for participating in an Outgoing Journey or Host Form for home hosting on an Incoming Journey.